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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Romantic Harbour

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Romantic Harbour 1998
Acrlic on board 115 x 62 cm

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About the Picture

This painting was completed shortly after Vanessa (my partner) and I moved into our first flat in Bristol in 1998. You can see us both in the left-hand foreground; I am lying on the ground with Vanessa holding my hand. The image is a declaration of love, romantic hope and the start of a new way of life. The long future we have together is exemplified by the sequence of figures rising from me on the left of the painting: a schoolboy, a worker, an old man, and then a friendly phantom guiding this inevitable path. A crowd has gathered to offer their gifts to the new couple: a shell that carries the sea, a full jug of milk, and a beaded gentleman offers us a wooden cup to drink these with; simple signs of an ordinary but happy life. A cowboy pulls on the conscience of a cynic watching on, who instinctively releases a idealistic bird. Behind the central figures, a train of well-wishers point back towards the harbour and its moored boat. A journey has just been undertaken.

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