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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Lady With Fan

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Lady with Fan 2000
Pen and Paint on Photopcopy 21x29cm

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About the Picture

The image derives its form from a study by the French neoclassical artist Ingres. Working over a photocopy of this picture in a mixture of black pen, permanent marker and white paint, I have attempted to elaborate at a technical level, on the theme of style, as both a communicative and a disguised mode of artistic presentation: Ingres’ work both supports and hides behind my drawing. Allied to this is a more general narrative about the rituals of romance. The women is surrounded by a constellation of objects; each of which discloses a willingness to engage in the art of courting, whilst signifying a more complex strategy or hidden agenda. To her right stands an exploded vase of flowers; each of its elements separated and viewed in their singular abstract form. On her right rests a heart, rendered in a naturalistic, rather than a stylised way. Under her left arm floats a chess piece: a symbolic stratagem. Looking in from the left, seen as nothing more than an eye and a solitary arabesque, is the profile of her seducer (or seduced other). Finally a handkerchief floats across her chest echoing the shape of the fan she holds, lowered below both her face and breast.

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