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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Life Is A Joke

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Life Is A Joke 2004
Pen on paper 21 x 29.5 cm

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About the Picture

Under the picture of the mourning parents, solemnly bowed in respect to the memory of a dead child, the next generation play out the farce that life has become. A silly girl dressed as a princess has given up her dolls for a gruesome fetish: the carcass of a dead goat. Mother throws her hands up in despair, tossing aside the father's spanner. Father and grandfather orchestrate the calamity. The old man prods with his walking stick at the mother's legs; his son wearing a comical cap pulls the rug from under her feet. A monkey fiddle plays itself silently. Who is looking after the baby? He is washed away by a spilt pail. Childhood is a sad affair in this circus. Even the space hopper glowers. The usually masterful phantom inverts itself, playing nonsensical tricks with a ball of wool. The brother dressed for a rainstorm crosses his finger as a carrion bird raises his hand in a fake salute.

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