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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings


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Moonlight 2004
Pen on Paper 21x29cm

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About the Picture

In the moonlight an old man forces a young girl to make a decision. There are two paths signified by the kite that floats between the two white ghosts of his dreams. Her decision must be made through an analysis of the drama played out by the central ring of figures. Her answer will lead her either up to the romantic castle on the hill (strangely ominous in the half-light) or along the opposite road towards the graveyard. As an allegory, to help her solve this 'physical' dilemma, the teapot produces only mummified wishes. So she ponders: the clown who balances ideas like fruit on his head, every limb crossed and shackled; a man who has ripped the virginal sheets from the bridal bed; the skeleton of an unborn child; the apparition of a masked man, offering the life of a fish; a woman with a head full of ideas and an armful of water. Why has the only star in the sky fallen to earth? This drawing personifies the bleakest view of life; even Schopenhauer would ask for more light on this subject.

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