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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Taunting the Crocodile

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Taunting the Crocodile 2005
Pen on paper 21x29 cm

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About the Picture

A car pulls up over the hill, and stops in the loneliest spot atop the moor. At the top left of the picture a menagerie of creatures participate in the fateful incident that will occur: the driver of the car led by his alter ego, an insane doppelganger move towards a grisly end. They taunt and sneer at his stupidity. A skeleton with a crown inspires a helpless old man to chase the idol of his youth. But even the skeleton has a demon resting on his mind. A lollipop headed totem and dragon guard the already flown birdcage. And what all this means is that the crocodile will get her dinner. Sanity grasps at the wrists of the blind fool, but his blood has already been spilt, and the reptile awakened. There is only one way for this story to end, badly.

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