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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Watering Can

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Watering Can 2002
Pen on Paper 14.5x21cm

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About the Picture

The genie in the lamp offers wishes: the genie of the watering can causes nothing but confusion. Even the arrows that direct his escape from the garden implement turn against each other – this is one spirit that is going nowhere. He comes to prominence in two characters: a virtual conflict of interests. A bearded soldier shows off his valour in the indexing of his medals; his word carries the truthful light of the candle that floats to his left. His double, a dunce balances a cat on his head. A lightening bolt strikes both from above: a moment of vision. A virtuous halo appears on the side of valour; the cat intercepts the dunce’s revelation. Tacky hearts are scattered across the grass: a girl waits around the corner. A dark shadow comes into focus from the right edge of the picture. This is only one half of the drawing. I decided not to reveal its other side, and folded the sheet of paper in half. Consequently I present here an irresolvable mystery. I wash my hands of any responsibility.

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