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David Alexander Smith's Paintings and Drawings

Pond Life

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Pond Life 2002
Acrylic on card 16.5cm x

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About the Picture

Pond life revisits a sequence of works I produced whilst at Art College in late 1995. I had at the time an inclination to produce a fluid semi-abstract world, or bacterial soup, of archaic forms. Simple entwined objects and ancient eyes, embedded in the landscape, disclosed a prevailing sense of mysterious depth. I was at the time playing with notions of irrational being: Schelling’s nature philosophy and the writings of Shaftesbury. When I later rediscovered these writers, and started to read them in a studious manner, I also dabbled once more with a visual representation of these themes. There is something enticing about the work; I am reminded of the CoBrA movement, Klee and early Pollock. Whilst it is not the most successful example of the process, the amoeba shapes and prehistoric sensibility achieves the majority of the pieces aspirations. Ultimately though, without the complex narrative and symbolic language afforded by my other work, the style seemed to lack an ongoing potential.

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