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Fables Arts

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About Us

Fables is a new greetings card company with a difference. We distribute limited edition runs of quality art cards, designed by recently graduated or as yet unrepresented artists, with the aim of giving untried talent an opportunity of placing their work in high profile craft, cultural and heritage sites.

We pay a small one-off leasing fee to the artist for an agreed run, normally of 100, 200, 300, 500 or 1000 cards. We do not buy rites to artists works; contracts are set for the agreed run and the option to use their image in our online catalogue. Our aim is to promote the new; we run a policy of no re-prints with a focus on developing a range of collectable and constantly changing designs.

Our Promise to our commercial outlets is to provide a diverse and continually fresh range or art cards designed by the UKs newest undiscovered creative professionals.

Fables commitment is to the production and promotion of new art to the commercial sector at a competitive price.